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Specialty License Plates

During the 78th Legislative Session, the Texas Lions Camp was authorized by the Texas Legislature to participate in the Texas Specialty License Plate Program. What this means, is that any one who would like to show their Lions Camp pride, can support the Texas Lions Camp by purchasing a TLC License Plate for one or more of their vehicles.

The fees for TLC Plates are paid directly to TxDot, and are assessed annually, in addition to your annual vehicle registration. Prices for TLC plates are billed as follows:

  • Specialty License Plates - $30.00
  • Personalized, Spcialty License Plates - $70.00

If you have ever wondered if this type of program really holds any value for organizations, then you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that proceeds from the program have exceeded $75,000.

So don't delay...visit your local courthouse and request the TLC plate today! You may also order your plates on-line! You will be glad you did and will find yourself making a huge difference for your Organization for only .08 cents per day!



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