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RSS Feed for Together We Build
Together We Build
Phase 1 of TLC Master Plan, Vision 2020.
RSS Feed for Golf Tourney
Golf Tourney
News and updates concerning the Harry Wickersham Memorial Golf Tournament.
RSS Feed for Board of Directors - Voting
Board of Directors - Voting
This is a private group and you must be an elected and added by SSM to access this news group.
RSS Feed for Vision 2020 & Beyond
Vision 2020 & Beyond
TLC's New Capital CAMPaign - News
RSS Feed for 75th Anniversary
75th Anniversary
Subscribe to receive updates about TLC's plans to celebrate her Diamond Anniversary.
RSS Feed for Polar Bear Challenge
Polar Bear Challenge
All things to do with TLC's 2021 Polar Bear Challenge.
RSS Feed for Covid-19
Status reports regarding the Covid-19, health crisis.
RSS Feed for Lions Liaison
Lions Liaison
President & CEO's Report to the Board of Directors
RSS Feed for President's Circle
President's Circle
Stephen's Corner - President & CEO
RSS Feed for Finance Department
Finance Department
Joan's corner
RSS Feed for Financial Statements
Financial Statements
A category to make TLC's financial statement easier to find. The prior month's financial statement will be uploaded on or about the 15th of each month.
RSS Feed for Marketing Department
Marketing Department
Trish's Corner - VP of Marketing
RSS Feed for Program Department
Program Department
Karen-Anne's Corner - VP of Summer Camps
RSS Feed for Development Department
Development Department
Milton's Corner - Director of Development
RSS Feed for Maintenance Department
Maintenance Department
Ken's corner - Director of Maintenance