"Self-esteem is one of the most important attributes we can possess. It's also one of the most valuable gifts a person can model for another. TLC is so much more than individual achievement - it is lending your story to help others value theirs."
- Stephen S. Mabry, President & CEO
Off of the sideline and into the game! Texas Lions Camp invites children to try things they may have thought were out of their reach - all in a safe and inviting atmosphere.
Children both need and want healthy, adult support. Since 1949, Texas Lions Camp has been inviting children to make friends, have fun and get involved in a safe and supportive environment.
Nothing builds self-esteem faster than taking a leap of faith and winning! TLC helps children succeed and learn what it means to take "healthy" risks. Join us, and we will take that leap of faith together!

A Few Words
About TLC.

One of the world's premier summer camps, the Texas Lions Camp was founded in 1949 and dedicated to the perpetual enjoyment of children who have physical disabilities. Today, TLC serves about 1,500 excited campers per summer and has provided services to more than 70,000 since its inception.

Thank you to everyone who helped TLC provide services to 1,512 kiddos during the summer season of 2019!

Camps at TLC

TLC offers a number of types of camps each summer, which are divided into three categories: Camps for children who have physical disabilities, camps for children who have Down Syndrome and camps for children who have type-1 diabetes.

Makin' Tracks!

Texas Lions Camp was founded on the principle that every child is deserving of a happy childhood. By inviting children to participate in activities they may have otherwise believed out of their reach, we hope to help them improve their self-esteem and step into their life's calling.


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