About TLC

At Texas Lions Camp, we view camp as a time for campers to explore, exercise curiosity, and discover new interests and abilities. We want campers to attempt things that would normally be out of their reach, such as riding a horse, or rock climbing on our ropes course, or just being part of a team.

Almost every activity at TLC requires more than one person to accompish - the premise being that we are not meant to be alone in life and can accomplish great things when we work together.

Not only is participation in the context of a team an important life skill, but it is a pathway to the self-esteem, boosting multiplier of helping others accomplish their goals. Almost seven decades of experience has taught that children who invest in the success of others experience a heightened sense of self-worth and a renewed sense of purpose.

Our campers graduate week after week, having been introduced to actively pursuing friendships, goals, teamwork and a passion we have found translates to life-long lessons for leading successful and purposeful lives.


Annual Report

Each year, TLC's President ∧ CEO prepares a Report to summarize the organization's prior year. This will typically entail providing information that fits within one of three domains:

  1. Financial Performance
  2. Programmatical Analysis
  3. Areas of Success, Failure or Concern

The information contained within these reports are based upon audited numbers and approved minutes from prior meetings & reports to the Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee. Moreover, the Annual Report is generally adopted by the Executive Committee during the May, Executive Committee Meeting each year. Therefore, the information may be relied upon by parties interested in the affairs of Texas Lions Camp, Inc. in combination with other reports that may be available.

Reports Available for Download
  • Annual Report - 2018

Audited Financial Statements

Each year, TLC's Board of Directors hires an independent, accounting firm to conduct an audit of TLC's financial statement, internal controls and management practices. The Audit ensures that donors and others can rely on the accuracy and representations made concerning the finances of Texas Lions Camp.

990 Information Return

TLC meets the requirements to file both the 990 and 990T, Information Returns. Please be aware that due to TLC's fiscal year and the IRS Schedule, the latest returns will be approximately two years in arears. For more information and to download TLC's tax returns, you are invited to visit Guidestar.org, review TLC's profile and download the returns that meet your criteria.


Companies are often times asked to provide documentation of their legal name and structure. This is routinely requested in order to send individuals and certain entities form 1099, which generally does not include TLC, Inc. or incorporated entities.

Others may request a W-9 when they are considering including a charity in their estate-planning processes and might request a W-9 to give their estate's attorney. No matter your interest, if you need to officially know or provide TLC's tax ID number, please feel free to download a copy here:

  1. W-9 2022

Clemson Research Study

TLC's has under-taken a five (5) year study to evaluate its camping program and the impact of what it means to be a TLC Camper. By evaluating its own program, TLC is also bolstering the body of data being collected through the American Camp Association, as well.

According to TLC's President & CEO, "it is one thing for me to say that TLC is good for children - one could argue that I am a paid spokes person. It is quite a different thing for two peer-reviewed, PhD level researchers, from a Tier-1, Research University to prove it with data."

Sarbanes Oxley Act

As a non-profit corporation, TLC is not required to implement the Sarbanes Oxley Act but has made the decision to implement aspects of the Act as a best-practice for the operation of TLC as a corporation. If you are unfamiliar with the act, it was past in response to combating corporate fraud brought to light by a number of very high-profile and devasting acts of corporate/accounting fraud.

In other instances, the IRS did impose new policy requirement for non-profits that became effective with the filing of the 2010, 990 Information Return. In response to both of the legislative events, TLC's Board of Directors set policy in the following areas of concern:

  1. Executive Compensation
  2. Executive Succession
  3. Conflicts of Interest
  4. Records Retension
  5. Review of 990
  6. Whistleblowers