Meeting Central

  • 1. Master Schedule
  • 2. Venue
  • 3. Housing & Registration

The meeting schedule will be relaxed but structured with built-in time for excursions, breaks, meals and yes, meetings. However, this will not be your typical meeting that is so focused solely on business first and fun if time allows. Rather, the format for this meeting is fun, with business occuring during the excursions.

Please bring your family and plus-ones and plan to have an engaged weekend together. Some events will be ExComm members only, which will be denoted on the Master Schedule.

Bryan/College Station has a tremendous amount of amenitites to offer. Destination hotels, museums, golf, parks & recreation as well as an abundance of creature comforts and meeting resources, not to mention amazing donors and Lions Clubs that are long time, friends of Texas Lions Camp!

The Hilton Conference Center has been designated as TLC's headquarter hotel for the meeting. The Hilton offers attractive amenities such as being centrally located with good parking, in-house dining, meeting rooms and on site beverages. Gary and I have discussed it, and TLC will put housing under a 'Master account' paid by TLC.

If members wish to make a donation of funds to off-set this expense they may do so at their option in any increment they choose. The rooms are quoted to TLC at a conference rate of $129/night.

So that I may make arrangements, please complete your housing request (3 min).

Next Quarterly Meeting

When is the next meeting?

  • Date: November 10-14, 2022
  • Times: Daily - See Master Schedule
  • Location: College Station, Texas
What you need to bring
  • Indoor/outdoor clothing as outlined in the Master Schedule
  • Plan to dress in layers
  • Executive Brief ∧ Meeting Materials will be brought by SSM